One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is not to put God in His place. The Lord should have a place in our lives, plans etc. And if we want to succeed, we must have Him in the rightful place
And now I know many are wondering, where exactly is this place where I should put God?
Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God … then He…. created the heavens and the earth”.
At the start of the bible; It talks about where God is supposed to be. The bible starts with: ”In the beginning God ……………..” . then followed by what He did. Glory halleluyah!.

If you want success beloved put God where He is supposed to be.

  • When it comes to marriage; in the beginning God.
  • The Job, in the beginning God
  • Building plans, in the beginning God
  • In your Finances, in the beginning God! etc.
  • In everything you do, in the beginning GOD.

  • I must tell you that “At the beginning of Testimony Center” I had nothing but God. When I was studying in Lomukura primary school; I had nothing, but God. In many places and at different times in life people told me that I could not make it, because I had nothing, but I had God. Many of you here were written off by relatives and others. Considered failures, wasted, and good for nothing, BUT GOD turned things around in a way none of them will ever understand.
    Beloved! Don’t worry about what people think or say as long as in the beginning you put God. Everything else will fall in place. This God is the Alpha and Omega. When you put him at the beginning, you will have him at the end. Halleluya.

    “Cattle upon a thousand hills belongs to him” (Psalm 50:10) and “the world and its fullness is the Lord’s” (Psalm 24:1-2).
    In other wards all the provisions you need are with him. He says I will go ahead of you and make the crooked paths straight and the rough places smooth. After you put Him in the rightful place. That is when the people out there will also be able to say. We thought that boy, girl, woman, or man was going nowhere …….. BUT GOD. The key to your breakthrough is in Having God at the right place among your priorities beloved. So that everything about you is God!
    You will be able to say
  • I had no father………but God
  • No source of provision ……….. but God
  • No relative for connection ……………. But God.

  • Beloved you may be here and you have almost given up in life, put God first and the world will be amazed at what He will do in your life. Putting God first will mark the beginning of a total turn around in your life in the name of Jesus. IN THE BEGINNING GOD!

    May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe.
    Pastor Robinson Okello
    Team Leader TCM